About Us

Since opening in 25 NOV, 2016 FALGUNI CREATION

In 2016 we was started a work with 10 people team. FALGUNI CREATION has more than 5 years of experience in school products and it exceeds your expectations. Then our work was in very small (Only one product) The beginning was made from the identity card of the student. After that we started making another product as a student’s belt. After that in 2017 started producing students tie, uniform, shoes, name plates, key chains, logo badge, embroidery badges, shocks, and their raw material. And today in 2019 we have 350 products.

Expand our business

Our business happens in all the states of India. Our target is to increase the 350 product to 2000 products. Customers are more interested in all our products, and we always keeping in mind the requirement of customers, we launch new products and also make changes in some products.

Help to Many People in this Business

Many people started joining small businesses with us. We have helped everyone in the business. Those people who did not know anything about this business, they are now running their business to join us. I can also say that we have provided employment to many people. We still help those people are new in this business, Those People do not have any knowledge. We also provide Raw Material to those people and we follow them. We also train those people when need them.

Journey of Falguni Creation and Customers

Falguni Creation has changed into a great business. Those people were startups business, have made their good Balance Sheet of business with Falguni Creation support. Now the small businessmen are connected with us can also grow sale in all over in india. The way in which “Gokul Graphics Gujarat” has expanded its business with Falguni Creation throughout India, In the second example, you want to give Uttar Pradesh’s “Sun Print Press” that the business was limited to printing news paper in 2018, by connecting with Falguni Creation, he expanded his business across India, and after the news paper he got the identity card and Also started selling exhausted school products.